This section features music, videos, images and the stories of some of the bands I've been part of.


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Live at the Salty Dog, Side One - Third Hand
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Live at the Salty Dog, Side Two - Third Hand
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Recent additions:

New original song: "I Don't Want to Fall In Love"



• Grand Folk Railroad live on "Wes Houston Presents."                    • "I Wrote A Folk Song But Nobody Liked It": now on YouTube.











• "Sunny Days" with The Tuneful Trolley! now on YouTube.           • "Winter In My Heart" by Grand Folk Railroad: now on YouTube.

• "Ten Thousand Ways": an original song featuring Christine Burki on vocals.


• "The Cosmic Truth of Life Itself": recorded in summer 1986 by Howie Lieberman and myself, this tape was lost for 30 years...and found! Completely improvised, off-the-cuff, this jazz? fusion? who-knows-what-to-call it? track was cut live with no overdubs.


• iForgot videos: "It Don't Come Easy," "(Don't Fear) the Reaper," "Ramble On" and "Modern Music" live at the Cortland Beer Company, Cortland, NY.

• Grand Folk Railroad video: "Winter In My Heart," a new original song.

The Lines: updated music, photo and memorabilia gallery!

• Rediscovered after being lost for 40+ years: the legendary tape of Third Hand Live at the Salty Dog, Albany, NY, May 24, 1975. Miraculously, two complete sets were preserved on tape...and here they are!

  • Set 1: "Sweet Jane/Do Ya," "Cities On Flame," Wasted Lady," "Situation," When I Turn Out the Living Room Light," "Got the Feeling"

  • Set 2: "Definitely Maybe," The Ocean," "Captain Jack," "Suffragette City," Medley: "Cruisin' for a Love"/"I Ain't Got You"/"Born to Be Wild," "Sympathy for the Devil"



  • Among other things, the "Other Music" link navigates to the complete Glasnost Mondial Supergroup/1990 Aragon Jam Sessions CD recorded at CES 1990 in Las Vegas.


Ten Thousand Ways - Frank Doris (Feat. Christine Burki)
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The Cosmic Truth of Life Itself - Frank Doris and Howie Lieberman
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I Don't Want to Fall In Love - Frank Doris
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