I've recorded music as a solo performer, under the name "The Deuce" and under other names.

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I Don't Want to Fall In Love - Frank Doris
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Ten Thousand Ways - Frank Doris (Feat. Christine Burki)
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I Wrote A Folk Song But Nobody Liked It - Frank Doris
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Escape From Long Island - Frank Doris
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It's A Hit - The Deuce
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I'm In the Love Zone (2013 Remix) - The Schill-Maschine
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She'll Never Be Mine - The Deuce
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Pugs' Groove - Frank Doris (Feat. Olive and Leena)
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Pugs' Groove Remix - Frank Doris (Feat. Olive and Leena)
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The Invasion - Frank Doris
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Relationship - Joe Stiff
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The Cosmic Truth of Life Itself - Frank Doris and Howie Lieberman
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They Say They All Have Boyfriends - The Deuce
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Original Music

  • "I Don't Want to Fall in Love" -- a new song for summer 2019!

  • "Ten Thousand Ways" -- a recent pop love song featuring Christine Burki on vocals.

  • "I Wrote A Folk Song But Nobody Liked It" -- a new protest song for the current times.

  • "Escape From Long Island" -- written a few years ago after getting stuck in one too many New York metro area traffic jams.

  • "They Say They All Have Boyfriends" is an instrumental in search of lyrics.

  • "It's a Hit" is a tribute to Gary Wilson, one of my favorite artists.

  • "I'm in the Love Zone" -- a dance music track recorded in the mid-1990s and remixed in 20013 with additional instruments

  • "She'll Never Be Mine" was originally done by The Lines; however, no recording with The Lines exists. This early-'90s rendition was performed along with Howie Lieberman, who did the drum and bass programming and live drums.

  • "Pugs' Groove (Featuring Olive and Leena Marie)" -- recorded in 2009 with the help of two furry friends.

  • "The Invasion " -- the main title theme to a science fiction movie that doesn't exist yet. Created in GarageBand in 2010 with the aid of a Korg nanoKEY and nanoPAD.

  • "Relationship" -- recorded some time between 1977 - 1978, featuring Joe Stiff on vocals.

  • "The Cosmic Truth of Life Itself" -- recorded in summer 1986 by Howie Lieberman and myself, this tape was lost for 30 years...and found! Completely improvised live and off-the-cuff.

  • "Alone In My Room" was written in the late 1970s and originally performed by The Lines. This version was recorded in 1990 by Howie and I. It's a song about the fact that two lovers can never know everything there is to know about one another, which is what keeps things interesting.

  • "The Heike Crab" features abstract guitar on top of a spare rhythm track. I really didn't know what scales or modes I was playing on the guitar or on the outro synth chords, and could never play the song this way again. Recorded around 2005.

  • "Dance With the One You Love" -- recorded by Interior Motives around the early 1980s, mixed at BC Studios. Our attempt at a disco hit, featuring Nora Perrin on vocals, Bob Reina on keyboards and Howie on percussion and drum programming.

  • "This Time Around" -- a song about not making the same mistakes twice.


  • "Red Rubber Ball" -- an EDM version of the song made famous by the Cyrkle in the '60s, written by Paul Simon.

  • "Physical " -- Recorded in December 2009 using GarageBand, and featuring the Helium Breath effect on vocals. Joan Rivers meets Carlos Santana.

  • "Ventura Highway," "Tin Man" - just two songs I happen to like. A Precision Bass with flatwound strings was used for that classic Joe Osborn "thump" sound.

  • "Enola Gay" -- a cover of the new wave smash by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, created using Techno EJay software along with a Casio SK-5 and Oberheim OB-8.

"Ventura Highway" and "Tin Man" written by Dewey Bunnell. "Red Rubber Ball" written by Paul Simon. "Physical" written by Stephen Alan Kipner and Terry Shaddick. "Alone In My Room," "She'll Never Be Mine," "It's a Hit (Gary Wilson in Japan)," "They Say They All Have Boyfriends," "Pugs' Groove," "Escape From Long Island," "Ten Thousand Ways," "I Wrote A Folk Song But Nobody Liked It," "I Don't Want to Fall In Love," "Relationship," "Dance with the One You Love" and "The Invasion" written by F. Doris. "I'm in the Love Zone" and "The Heike Crab" written by M. Doris and F. Doris. "The Cosmic Truth of Life Itself" written by F. Doris and H. Lieberman. "Multum In Parvo" was created using sounds provided by Voyetra's Techno EJay software. "Enola Gay" written by Andy McCluskey. Copyright/all rights reserved for all selections.

Alone In My Room - The Deuce
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The Heike Crab - The Schill-Maschine
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Dance With the One You Love - Interior Motives
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Red Rubber Ball - The Deuce
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Physical - The Deuce
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Ventura Highway - The Deuce
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Tin Man - The Deuce
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Enola Gay - The Deuce
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This Time Around - The Deuce
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