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I currently provide editing, writing and public relations services for PS Audio,

Audio-Technica U.S., Inc., Audience, Kanto, Clyne Media and others.


Clear and concise writing is at the heart of successful publishing, PR, and marketing.


I can create feature articles, press releases, marketing collateral, web copy, case studies, story pitches, product literature, bylined and ghostwritten articles, white papers and other materials, all custom-crafted to your organization's needs.

Planning, strategizing and executing successful public relations campaigns: it's about clearly defining the message you want to convey and getting it to the right people.


I have proven expertise in connecting with the media.

I know hundreds of editors, journalists and reviewers in a wide variety of general, enthusiast, trade, consumer, lifestyle and other media outlets.


I'm attuned to their needs and they know they can depend on me to provide them with accurate, timely story ideas and information.


On-target PR messaging requires hand-in-hand collaboration with everyone from C-level executives to product and marketing managers, designers, engineers, art directors, independent specialists and others.


I am meticulous about ensuring accuracy and completeness of news, information and deliverables.

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