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The Spreckels Organ: A Historic Musical Treasure, Part One (Copper)

Octave Records Releases Audiophile Masters, Volume III (Copper)

Octave Records Releases The Moon Leans In by Singer/Songwriter Thom LaFond (Copper)

Octave Records’ Latest: Country-Folk Duo Bonnie and Taylor Sims in Levelland (Copper)

Who Decides What’s Good or Bad? And, Some Mini-Reviews (Copper)

From Rock to Schlock: 150 Desert Island Albums (Copper)

Octave Records Debuts Audiophile Masters, Volume II, and Clandestine Amigo’s Temporary Circumstances on Vinyl (Copper)

Confessions of a Setup Man, Part 13: Engineering Complex (Copper)

Octave Records Releases its First Vinyl LPs (Copper)

Twisted Business: Jay Jay French’s Lessons Learned from Rock and Roll…and Life (Copper)

Clandestine Amigo Releases Its Second Album, Things Worth Remembering (Copper)

Ragtime World by Augustus: New Rock from Octave Records (Copper)

Seeking Clarity About Transparency (Copper)

Confessions of a Record Collector, Part Two (Copper)

Art Dudley: A Tribute (Copper)

Octave Records Releases The Complete Bach Cello Suites by Zuill Bailey (Copper)

Octave Records’ Latest: The Nature of Things by Foxfeather (Copper)

Chris Brunhaver, PS Audio’s Head Speaker Designer (Copper)

Review: The Flash (Cineluxe)

Confessions of a Record Collector, Part One (Copper)

Octave Records Releases Audiophile Masters, Volume 1 Compilation (Copper)

Copper Listens to Copper: Stockfisch Records’ DMM Dubplate Vol. 1 (Copper)

Octave Records Goes Jazz: Gabriel Mervine's Say Somethin' (Copper)

Octave Records' New System Setup Test Disc and Book (Copper)

Otis Taylor's Hey Joe Opus | Red Meat (Copper)

A Die-Hard Rocker's Take on the Grammys (Cineluxe)

Living With Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Interview With Davinder Bedi of RadiAsian.London (Copper)

Confessions of an Audiophile Setup Man: Failed Experiments (Copper)

Talking With Audiophile Archive and Grading Services (Copper)

Will a Perfect Audio System Ever Exist? (Copper)

EveAnna Dauray Manley of Manley Labs, Part Two (Copper)

Shalom Bollywood: The Untold Story of Indian Cinema (Cineluxe)

EveAnna Dauray Manley of Manley Labs (Copper)

Hanging With Les Paul (CCopper)

Confessions of a Setup Man 11: Can A System Be Too Good? (Copper)

Interview With Steve Guttenberg: the Audiophiliac, Part Two (Copper)

Interview With Steve Guttenberg: the Audiophiliac, Part One (CCopper)

Confessions of a Setup Man, Part 10: No Direction Home (Copper)

Hearing Loss and the Need for High-End Audio (Copper)

Gayle Sanders of Eikon and MartinLogan, Part Two (Copper)

Talking With Gayle Sanders of Eikon Audio and MartinLogan (Copper)

How to Listen: Roy Orbison (Cineluxe)

Octave Records’ New Album, Temporary Circumstances (Copper)

Confessions of a Setup Man, Part Nine: Inconsistency (Copper)

Confessions of a Setup Man, Part Eight: Too Hot to Handle (Copper)

Rumer: Nashville Tears (Copper)

A Visit to Audio Classics: Vintage Vibe, Modern Mojo (Copper)

ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads (Cineluxe)

Talking With Carl Marchisotto of NOLA Loudspeakers (Copper)

Confessions of a Setup Man, Part Seven: You Can't Have It! (Copper)

Confessions of a Setup Man, Part Six: Sinister Stairways (Copper)

How to Listen: Nirvana (Cineluxe)

How to Listen: The Firebird (Cineluxe)

Introducing Octave Records: Audiophile Sound, Benefiting Musicians (Copper)

How I Met Buck Dharma of Blue Öyster Cult (Copper)

The Incalculable Influence of Kraftwerk (Copper)

In Memoriam: Victor Goldstein (Copper)

Getting It Wrong: Confessions of a Setup Man, Part Five (Copper)

In Memoriam: Art Dudley (Copper)

Audio Companies Respond to COVID-19 (Copper)

You're Grounded! Confessions of a Setup Man, Part Four (Copper)

Haunted: Confessions of a Setup Man, Part Three (Copper)

Bang, Zoom! Confessions of a Setup Man, Part Two (Copper)

Confessions of a Setup Man, Part One (Copper)

How to Listen: Kind of Blue (Copper)

My Life with Harry Pearson (Copper)

James Lee Stanley: Musical Survivor (Copper)

New York Audio Show Report 2019, Part Two (Copper)

New York Audio Show Report 2019, Part One (Copper)

How to Become an Expert Listener (Cineluxe)

How to Listen: Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon (Cineluxe)

Capital Audiofest 2019 Show Report (Copper)

How to Listen: Shelby Lynne, Just A Little Lovin' (Cineluxe)

The Need for High-End Audio (Cineluxe)

Tube-Based Home Theater--Why Not? (Cineluxe)

Getting Into Vinyl? Find Yourself an Expert (Cineluxe)

A Brief Introduction to Tube Electronics (Cineluxe)

A Quick Guide to Luxury Turntables (Cineluxe)

Interview with CoolCleveland.com at AXPONA 2019 (video)

Working with an Audio Legend:My Time with Harry Pearson of The Absolute Sound (video, The Audiophiliac)

Altered Carbon review  (Cineluxe)

Kraftwerk: 3-D The Catalogue review (Cineluxe)

Gentle Giant: Three Piece Suite review (Cineluxe)

New Sound System for Legendary Jazz Club Blues Alley (Guitar Center Pro)

Classic Tone for the Modern Era: Tone Tubby Introduces Its Winterland 12-Inch Ceramic Magnet Guitar Amp Speaker


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