Third Hand was a band I was in while a college student at the University at Albany (then known as the State University of New York at Albany, or SUNYA). We had great fun playing music by the Kinks, Steely Dan, Todd Rundgren, Genesis, Bruce Springsteen, Peter Frampton, Roxy Music, Lou Reed, Jeff Beck, the Rolling Stones and many others, as well as some originals. There's more to tell, but that'll have to wait for another day. For now, enjoy these photos, and these songs:

Rediscovered after being lost for 40 years: the legendary tape of Third Hand Live at the Salty Dog, Albany, NY, May 24, 1975. Miraculously, two complete sets were preserved on tape. Click on the music player buttons to listen:

Set 1: "Sweet Jane/Do Ya," "Cities On Flame," Wasted Lady" (original), "Situation," "When I Turn Out the Living Room Light," "Got the Feeling"

Set 2: Definitely Maybe," The Ocean," Captain Jack," Suffragette City," Medley: "Cruisin' for a Love"/"I Ain't Got You"/"Born to be Wild," "Sympathy for the Devil"

Live at the Salty Dog, Set Two - Third Hand
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Live at the Salty Dog, Set One - Third Hand
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Here are a few more live tracks, recorded in 1975 at the King of Clubs in Albany, NY:

Wasted Lady - Third Hand
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Rock and Roll - Third Hand
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Gimme Shelter - Third Hand
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Top of the Pops - Third Hand
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Definitely Maybe - Third Hand
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